A pond!  It’s hot in the tropical rainforest.  Feel like a swim?  Wait–is that a log floating in the middle of the pond?  Zoom in.



Still want to go swimming?  Look for one more photo of this animal further down the page.

Camouflage: Can you spot the snake?

Rainforest animals are experts at disguise.  Can you spot the snake in the shrubbery above?  Solution is at bottom of page.

Watch for caimans!

Watch for caimans!


Feel a giant beetle crawl across your hand!  Rhinoceros beetles need to live in a forest with big old trees.  This one was spotted at a sawmill, on a log that was about to be cut into boards.  It was rescued and put in a pick-up truck where it clung to the seat-cover for three hours, till the driver came to a rainforest, where the beetle was set free.  How do you think this beetle ended up at a sawmill?

Where’s the snake?  Below is the solution to the photo puzzle above.  Look between the yellow lines.






Photos in rainforest of Pavones, Costa Rica by Patrick Weston