About Anne Weston

Twenty-six years ago Anne Weston moved to a remote corner of Costa Rica where she and her husband Patrick have established a rainforest preserve.  She enjoys observing wildlife as well as caring for her pet chickens, turkeys, and geese.  Before Costa Rica, she lived in Mexico for six years.  She grew up in San Diego, and has also lived in Minnesota and North Dakota.  Anne began writing soon after moving to Costa Rica, while living without telephones or Internet and depending on a kerosene lamp for night-time light. She’s written a number of mystery short stories set in the rainforest which have been published in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.  She’s currently working on another picture book and a middle-grade novel.  For additional information on Anne and Patrick Weston’s rainforest preserve in Pavones, go to www.playadelfin.com 
Anne Weston photo by Patrick Weston in Pavones, Costa Rica